OEM spare parts and original parts for small series

As a part of automotive solutions for small series, we develop and produce components and special applications for engine cooling and vehicle air conditioning that have been adapted from large-series products, all the while keeping the specific needs of the customer in mind.

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A/C service units for the workshop

Top services for A/C workshops: At MAHLE Behr Service you receive not only all air conditioning components as replacement parts, but also high performance air conditioning service units including accessories and supplies. We also offer technical instructions, maintenance services, and concepts for optimal spare-parts supply.

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Parking coolers

With the Behr Eco Cool 1000 parking cooler, we offer a comfort solution for inside your vehicle with high product quality owing to Behr components and the know-how of experienced design engineers.

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Welcome to your global partner serving the international automotive industry!

MAHLE Behr Service GmbH, Schwäbisch Hall, is a replacement part sales partner for the international automotive industry. A specialist in automotive air conditioning and engine cooling systems, MAHLE Behr Service is one of the world’s leading spare parts suppliers for automobile manufacturers and their sales centers for light vehicles and trucks.

Besides this, MAHLE Behr Service develops and produces A/C service units for workshops as well as high-comfort A/C solutions for vehicle cabins.